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Northern Arc
Northern Arc has taken their name from the Viking trade route which stretched from Scandinavia to Baghdad and Constantinople, and may have had connection with the Silk Road to China. That´s a good name for a group that draws inspiration from everything from Norwegian and Arabic traditional music to rock and modern expressive jazz. The age range of the band is 35 years but musically it is much more. The folk songs, jazz and oriental tones winds in each other and form the backdrop for progressive and worrying improvisations. The beautiful, clean vocals mixed with the darker and more rattling instrumental section, creates a riveting exciting journey.
Anja Eline Skybakmoen (vocals), Liv Ulvik (vocals), Wenche Losnegård (vocals), Morten Halle (saxsophone), Bjørn Kjellemyr (bass), Børge Petersen Øverleir (guitar), Jakop Janssøn (drums)
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