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Ensemble La Chimera  Nordlys

direction Eduardo Egüez


Nordlys, meaning "the northern light", is an early fusion project around the Scandinavian manuscript from XVI century “Piæ Cantiones”. The Ensemble La Chimera revisit this pages creating new sonorities, from the authentic medieval style of the period until our days, combining early instruments as lute and viola da gamba, the traditional Swedish nyckelharpa and the modern saxophone. 


Liv Ulvik (Norway), voice
Maria Kehoane (Sweden), voice
Marco Ambrosini (Italy), nyckelharpa
Helene Arntzen (Norway), saxophone
Sabina Colonna Preti (Italy), viola da gamba, lirone

Leonardo Teruggi (Argentina), double bass
Florent Tisseyre (France), percussion
Eduardo Egüez (Argentina), theorbo & baroque guitar, general direction 

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